Test fit of the Zenki front and maintenance

Since I got the Zenki front end a couple weeks back, I’ve been wanting to test fit the front end. Today was that day. Looked for clearance issues and what not.

I’ve been working on the left side fender as it had a creased dent in the front, but also a few dents that needed some pounding.


I also had to get the bumper cover and the bumper/bumper reinforcement separated as the mounting bolts were rusty.

I’ve already started to remove the rust. Surprisingly it’s not crumbling and sturdy. Before I got it, I had already talked to a welder about patching it up, but that has changed.


I also started to put this together.


The main reason why I decided to test the front end was because I was changing the door hinge pins and it required taking off the fenders.


I have a few spare grills and I’ve decided to make one of them open. I’ll probably cut the grill up and start on some fiberglass work on it.


I also wanted to install the JDM armrest. Ebrake handle is in the way and under the compartment is the computer for the airbag.


Now, I’m gonna start working on all these to get them good.