Bob’s M30 drift car is for sale

Originally from the PNW, this car traveled out to Chicago area. It is true in it’s sense, a drift missile.


It was built as a drift car, and performed admirably despite having the stock automatic transmission. With the firm coilover suspension and plenty of power from the 6 cylinder engine, it is pretty easy to go sideways just from hitting the gas. I love this car and have had it for many years, but I bottomed out hard on North Ave. and the transmission was damaged. This is the perfect opportunity to finally swap it to manual and continue drifting. It can still drive, but it wont shift past 2nd gear so top speed of like 30mph. I have another auto trans I was going to swap in, but I bought a Corvette instead, and am going forward with that project.

Some of the parts:
Momo racing bucket seat
Pulsar GTiR front bumper
Vg30e, r200 diff, very similar to a 240sx but 300zx powered.
front suspension has been converted to s13.
2 inch extended lcas.
Level ride rack spacer.
Cusco front coils.
Brand new tie rods, ballpoints and bushings in the lcas, tension rods and rack.
2.5 straight pipe from the cat back.
Accel 43k ignition coil.
Advan avs wheels front (16X7 +0) and riken mesh rear (16×7 +0)
Deep dish steering wheel with fat bolt on hub spacer.
Stainless steel Isis brake lines.
Omori water temp gauge.

It is a fun car, very divisive style, I think it looks amazing as is, some people agree, but many hate it.

Taking ANY serious offer but it must be towed (no battery, no gas, will not be able to drive onto trailer) and it is VERY low so make sure the tower knows this.