VANKulture BBQ at the Spanish Banks

I was hoping to be pimping the M30 convertible that day, but again, after the broken window… I was just gutted. I lost my momentum and motivation for the trip.

I wasn’t able to connect with my VANKulture brothers on my 2nd trip this summer (I did on my 1st), so the 3rd trip I had to meet up. Mainthan messaged me saying it was gonna be at the Spanish Banks.

I decided to bring my kids and nephew to the beach, so they could play.

The brothers cooked up some good food and we just had conversations about cars and the cost of living! LOL.

I can’t thank my brother so much… every time I’ve gone up to Vancouver BC and there is time, we always meet up!

This did cheer me up a bit as there was good food and family to spend time with!