Infiniti M30 parts car in Kagoshima

Given that there were quite a few M30s exported to Japan, I’ve always tried to know as many of them as possible.

Well there is another M30, probably some cool history (maybe in the BG magazine that is dubbed “The F31 Bible”).


Nissan Infiniti M30 Leopard Left handle Sunroof Not written Complete parts removal



Brand / Manufacturer: Nissan Leppard Left Handle Sunroof
Motor Model VG30

Body number JNKHF14CXLT000 ###
Color: Silky Pearl White Original color Gunmetal
displacement 3000cc
First year June-February
The last vehicle inspection expiry date is 2013
Up to 25 years of production, but now it is stationary.
No documents required for registration.
We lost the key.
Since the door is open, I think it is possible to load it on a loaded car.
The seat is a leather sheet, but it may fade.
Please pay the recycling fee 15120 yen in addition to the winning bid.
The brake seems to come off.
External muffler maybe barnacles
It ’s low down.
Registration and reissue is not possible because the document will be lost from the time of purchase because it will be a complete parts round car.