WL Day 7 – Shinjuku with Adail and Takamatsu meeting up with Miyama and Noguchi-san

I woke up early in Tochigi and had to get the earliest train to get to Oyama Station and back to Tokyo.


Mita station -> Oyama station -> Tokyo Station (via Shinkansen) -> Shinjuku station.


Once I got to Shinjuku station, I walked to the Capsule hotel, took a bath and repacked my luggage.

I was also meeting my wife’s friend who is teaching English in Japan. Since Shinjuku was so large, she got lost and I was delayed to my trains. When we finally met, I gave her the gifts my wife packed, but in return, Adail gave us tons of stuff! I was rushing, but I had to give it a few minutes to thank her and apologize.


I had to apologize to my Takamatsu brothers too. The delay in Shinjuku, delayed me getting to Tokyo station and the earlier Shinkansen.

I get on the Shinkansen that took me to Osaka station, I waited for another train and got to Okayama station, then took the Marine liner to Takamatsu.


This was the first time I arrived in Takamatsu during the day time.


Miyama-san and Noguchi-san met me right outside station. My rental was just across the street, but was kinda confusing at first. So Noguchi-san called them.


Udon noodle shops were closed (Shikoku special!), so we went to see some used toys.


After some of that, we went back to Noguchi-san’s place.


Afterwards, we went to get some food!


After dinner, we said our goodbyes. Miyama-san had to drive back to Ehime (maybe 40 mins away).




Thank you brothers for a good time!!!