WL Day 6 pt 7 – Toy hunting, Tochigi dinner with Itabashi family and Oinuma-san arrival

Itabashi-san made sure I experienced a lot! After going to the Museum and the GTR shop, I was definitely overwhelmed.

He did some driving that day and I thank him so much!!!

So after that, he took me to hobby shops, used toy shops and anything that would have used toys and gachapon.


Before lunch, we headed to a parts car. Even though it is in parts, it is still a leopard!


Then we went to get dinner from Itabashi-san’s friend, who he jokes is a Yakuza.


Went around 1 more use toy store.. and that was the best one!!! I found used Tomicas and most of them were vans!!! I should have taken more pictures, but I was busy searching for stuff for the kids and myself!


I wasn’t planning on staying the night in Tochigi, but when Oinuma-san said he wanted to meet me when he got of work, I decided to stay. Both Oinuma and Itabashi-san were helpful acquiring Zenki parts for my M30.