Visit to Craft Z sports – GTR shop

Itabashi-san then took me to see Skylines. Typically I’m not overly excited about Skylines, I hear about them constantly (not a bad thing), but I’ve always been fortunate to experience Skylines in the early and mid 2000s. I actually get excited seeing R30 (Jenesis, STS)  and R31 (R31house) skylines.

2001- Visit to Motorex


2003 trip to Japan – Mege’s R32 Skyline


2004 – GT@net Osaka


2006 – Visit Nismo in Yokohama 



Mege also let me drive his R33 Skyline 4 door.


Even in Canada, where Skylines have been coming in since 2004 I believe.



But, I ate my words as I was surrounded by GTRs. It was really an interesting experience to see so many GTRs in one place.