Visit to R31house – May 2017

Going to R31house is pretty much Iconic for Nissan guys (unless you hate R31 Skylines). Part of my 31 pilgrimage, was R31house. It is the brother car of the F31 Leopard.

I contacted Shibata-san before I went to R31house and he said I am welcomed!

When I got to Sakahogi station, there was no taxi, so I decided to walk. I pulled out my map and I believe I walked a good 1.5 miles. When I got close, I could see 2 yards with Skylines stacked up from distance.

I then saw R31world on a building (which was their RC component of the business). Shibata-san and Suzuki-san gave me full access and showed me everything.

Suzuki-san gave me a GREAT lesson on R31s and other cars at the shop. I was blessed to get this knowledge.

The craziest thing, was there were 2 Tommy Kaira Skylines there. One an M30 and one M20. Very cool! If you understand how rare and highly sought these are, you would understand my pure amazement being able to look at these cars.

There were a few cars that were in Options magazines, the LHD R31 Resort Skyline (Australian Import), an 800hp Skyline, Calsonic Skyline that was on a flatbed (left before I could take a picture), a RB26 powered wagon, and even 2 leopards in the storage yard!


Thank you Shibata-san and Suzuki-san for their hospitality and letting me enjoy their shop!