Trip to Japan – 2003 (Dress up Club Honey)

*(lost pictures 2002 and some from this trip)

I was more prepared after the last 2 times. I was only in Yokohama, Japan for 4 days. Met with many friends and this time, Takashi became my translator! Megesan was slightly learning English too.

This time, Megesan picked me up in his R32 Skyline. He had to work, so I would go out and explore and he would meet up with me later. Afterwards, we started to go around.

Anyways, we were driving around and went to some parking lots. This is where I saw the Toyota Hiace Van for the first time! I went up to them and Megesan said be careful they might get mad. I approached respectfully and asked them if it is okay to take pictures.

They were happy!!!! It was team Honey. One guy gave me the sign to hold up. He then said it was a gift for me!!! Megesan told me that this was a sign of being an “Honorary member”. (I still have this and trying to find them in 2017).

I’m holding the sign.



I wish I had more pictures of this time… But I met more friends. I got to drive the R32 Skyline and Mirage ASTI… just to say I did.



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