Trip to Japan (Osaka) – 2004

This trip was different. Megesan and Takashi were busy, but my friends in Osaka said they could host me and I wanted to visit them. I landed and went straight to Osaka via Shinkansen.

When I arrived, I was met by my Osaka team member, Nobuo. We have been talking about cars and I absolutely loved his Impreza. I asked them to find me a cheap hotel for me to stay, but they had already booked me a hotel and paid for it because I was a guest… I was simply blown away. Nobuo and Kazua took me around. I went to Subaru meet and photoshoot. I went to Kakimoto Racing, Trial, Wald, Signal Auto and a few other shops.

Nobuo brought his friends into the Team Reaction fold and they were all predominately Subaru guys, but couple had Toyotas, Nissans and Mitsubishis.

I’ll break down some of the pictures as I did lose a few on my old computer.







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