How I met Megesan – 2000

In 2000, the internet wasn’t the same. Google wasn’t as prominent. Yahoo, webcrawler, insite… those were the main search engines.  This was before social media and translation software.

While I had my EG and EK Civics, I was given a 280z and 280zx from a co worker who abandoned them at his cousin’s house when he moved back to Alaska. Unfortunately, there was no paperwork.

Anyways, I was so interested in them, I started to look at I would type in the chassis codes and tons of personal homepages popped up. Often times this would be and others similar. I would be in marvel with many of the JDM cars and this is where I started to talk to people. My team had a website at the time, and of course during that era, it was all Hondas. Once I started to emailing people, I would give my team address and they would link the pages and we would have broken english and Japanese emails.

While I made quite a few friends, my good friend Megesan was in contact all the time, he sent me pictures of his S13 silvia and drifting in it. This sparked a friendship and I exchanged gifts with him.

He used to send me Drift Tengoku and Option magazines, while I would send Import Tuner and Super Street.

Eventually when I picked up a 240sx hatchback, he sent me his old parts.

This also motivated me to visit Japan and he was one of the main reasons!

21 and skinny at the time.

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