The Importance of the SR20 Store


I wanted to post this back in December, but I was waiting to see how Marco felt about his website at the time. I was telling Marco I wouldn’t mind  getting the SR20 Store’s website back up, he seemed to not think of it as a big deal and then he told me the reason why.

Now that I know his reasoning (it’s not bad or anything), I can post some of it here.

Back story – If you look at a few of Primedia’s magazines (this was the conglomerate magazine company) such as Super Street, Project Car Magazine and others, you will find Marco/ SR20 Store in a few articles/builds.

Obviously a big part of Project Leopard (Project Car Magazine’s M30 build). Marco has been part of the Datsun/Nissan community for a long time, so his insight,expertise and experience puts out one hell of a resume. His shop has been around since the early 2000s.


As I said about Project Leopard, I didn’t even know what to do with the car, I just agreed to save it. If it wasn’t for Roger V. (who talked to Roberto – Marco’s son), I wouldn’t have talked to Marco himself. It was a great sign of relief when he said he would help me out… but made me anxious because I didn’t know what to expect.

The reason why I was excited for Project Leopard to go to the SR20 Store is because it is kind of a full circle deal. The car was built there, now it’s returning home, damaged. Now it’s getting revived there as well.


The Importance of Quality is a huge thing for me. Especially nowadays, tons of parts can be had for cheap. One thing Marco said was that he only wants to use quality parts.

There are some pretty sick cars in the shop personal collection.

And with that collection, you can see the work done to them and how amazing they are!


The importance of Quality with Marco will lead to the reason why the magazines worked with him. At that standard, you would also have to have a good network. There is the importance of having a good network and with cars, that means quality parts.

When I started to figure which route to go with, 2 companies that had a big hand in the original build were Syko Performance and Phase 2 Motortrend. I saw quite a few things from Phase 2 Motortrend and asked Marco if he could get them and he said he would.


I didn’t know the dynamics until he told me that they were all friends and have known each other for 20+ years. When you look into both companies, they are local and established businesses and have endured since the early/mid 2000s. Also quality companies on the US end. I wanted to make sure these 2 companies were part of the revival build.

On top of that, Marco has other resources whether it is getting OEM Nissan parts, sourcing up JDM stuff or machine shop work.. he has a connection somewhere.


I am grateful that Marco has been a huge help for Project Leopard, but I also wanted to make sure that this isn’t just for Project Leopard. I wanted him to become a resource for F31club. So I asked him about future projects and if M30 owners came to the SR20 store, could help and he said yes.

I tell this to anyone that asks me about M30s or resources… I always push contacting Marco or visiting the SR20 Store. Project Leopard was to reestablish that connection. That is the importance of the SR20 Store in general.