3 Boxes arrival from Japan!!!!

Actually, these have been here since March. In the beginning of this year, I traveled to Japan to secure some parts. Project Leopard was on a fast track to get painted, engine done and what not. I was missing a few pieces, but the one that couldn’t wait was the hood cut.

I had to secure the hood/ front cut and I had to make sure this was sent to Osaka for transport (Get Jpn was the company I used this time). It was last minute and the cut off was Feb 1st. That got done.

Itabashi-san had also sent some of the other stuff I needed to Osaka already.


1 box contained a zenki headlight


50th anniversary GTR tail light plates.




A better condition zenki fender (my other one has a lot of damage near front section).


and to make the fuel gauge work on the digital panel, CF converter wire.


2nd box was the Piko Racing front lip. Rare itself, but now on US shores. So the only Piko Racing front lip in the US.


and the smaller box in the picture is the hood that was cut. The cut was made at the yellow tape.

The boxes had been sitting in Pomona (Get Jpn shop) since the March shelter in place orders.

I recently had a friend pick them up and stored at his house.


Before the car gets shipped to get painted, the fender and hood need to go with it.