Blue’s Clues part 2 – Dress up bolts

One of my personal goals has always been more on the show side. I was able to do this with my Blue M30 at RADwood events. I’ve always been into show cars and love how attention to detail many of the show cars were in the past.

The M30 never had the following, the demand or the supply from companies. So often times, the M30 depended on custom or items off other cars as we do that today with except with JDM parts.

One of the main goals for the Project Leopard is to balance that show car with tuner mentality. Unlike my Blue M30, which is pretty much stock, Project Leopard is one of those cars that I really want to hit all areas (like old show cars). I don’t have to go all out and delete everything or have the engine bay shaved/tucked. The reason being is that I also want a comfortable car.

Koji’s original vision of the car was M30 be clean and make the RB25det and MT look factory.


The idea of it being a daily driver that can do some weekend drift sessions were met. Not only that, the car was also a show car for a bit as well.

Where am I going with this.. LOL.

Well, I wanted to dress up the engine bay (in both the Blue M30 and Project Leopard).

If you seen my previous post, Blue’s Clues, Project Leopard will have a Blue engine bay theme. This being a show car to an extent, I wanted to go with that even more.

With Project Leopard, there are 2 angles.

  1. Engine dress up
  2. Engine bay/Chassis dress up

We know that the RB25det is not big deal to get stuff for. In fact, here is Dress Up Bolts kit:

For RB25det Coilpack cover ($60) :

And for the Engine without the above coil pack cover ($250):


Bolts are gold in this picture


I would make sense that they are sold separately as many people are doing coil upgrades and who knows what the bracket differs between companies.

While that is more for the RB25 in general, I found out that they Dress up bolts makes a kit for the R31 Skyline… and it’s exactly like an M30!


Conclusion: While I still have a long way to go before I start hitting small details, I wanted to compile a list to see if it was possible to keep going with the blue theme within the engine bay. $475 of bolts is pricey and can be tough to swallow. But if my engine bay comes out looking really smooth, I will jump on it no hesitation.