Blue’s clues

When I was going through my head of how to dress up the engine bay, I was aiming at black and red accents theme. Since I decided to roll with the Tomei Arms MX8265 turbo, the actuator is anodized blue.


This set me down the path of looking for matching items. I was looking  at Greddy Cam Gears and then HKS  cam gears. Greddy was predominately had some pretty sweet looking cam gears for $400+

I was about to jump on them when I decided to look for a pulley set as well. Greddy again, had a really nice set for almost $400. I then looked for a fuel rail for almost $300. I then started to look at Greddy’s oil cooler kit and oil filter relocation kit(which is about $900).

I remember hearing about Phase2 Motortrend and I thought they are distributors. Before I contacted Marco, I jumped on Phase2 motortrend’s website and saw these:



Phase2 Motortrend RB25det adjustable cam gears.


Phase2 Motortrend RB25det lightweight pulley set


Phase2 Motortrend RB25det fuel rail


I actually couldn’t believe it! The prices were not any where near Greddy, but I remember a ton of my friends running Phase2 items with no complaints and they’ve been around for awhile. I decided to go with these items.

When I contacted Marco, he said he will get those items for me!!! Marco said he’s been friends with the guys for over 20yrs and it looks like they’ve supported each other for years.



One of the newer ideas for the RB25det is using PRP’s alternator bracket and Clockwork Custom’s LS V8 adapter. I wanted to do this anyway since it will use an alternator that pumps 140 amps, but I saw they come in blue as well.. and it just made sense.

Platinum Racing Product’s Alternator bracket


Clockwork Customs LS V8 adapter bracket and pulley.

I’m dead set on getting an oil cooler and I do want Greddy’s kit.


However, the block of plate that is placed where the original oil filter goes doesn’t look too bad. Taark’s offers a couple more options for gauges to be put on. And it comes in blue as well.

Then I saw Aeroflow offers a thermostat housing in anodized blue as well!

Another thing I was going back and forth with was the R35 coil conversion.

Supertec’s bracket is anodized blue!!



Of course I just find these things pretty interesting. These will actually match the Zenki digital gauge cluster too.