COVID19 Projects: Blue Grey Storm maintenance update

While I’ve been concentrating on Project Leopard’s stuff, I had to put the Blue Grey Storm back together. (measuring for the digital gauge cluster, cutting the dash bezel, and zenki F31 arm rest/console measuring).

I also had some stuff that needed to be installed and I noticed that I had a tiny leak coming from the rear main seal. Since I had the downtime (I’ve been using my Sienna to get to work), I hit up my friend Shawn and he had time and space at his house.

Cooling – Last year, I had my head gasket redone and put in new Past Power exhaust manifold studs. The poor design that had a T connector with a plastic bleeder screw needed to be addressed. I had a bleeder screw that seriously head by a couple of threads. I decided to find out if I could order these and I couldn’t believe it, I was able to!!!

So I ordered new hoses and the T connector and bleeder screw (came in a pack).


I also recently came across the GK Tech radiator fan which is suppose to give 60% more airflow. I figure I needed to replace the fan anyway ( I always try to find things to replace on this car).


What I learned is that you don’t need the adapter… so I need to return that.

Definitely super happy with it!!!

Rear Main Seal change – This is always a big job. So after dropping transmission and driveshaft, you get to the rear main seal.

Even though the rear main seal wasn’t leaking “bad”, it wasn’t going to improve stop leaking. I am one of those people who likes to get these types of things done and taken cared of.

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