Consider the Following article on JNC response

Old post from 2018

People that know me, know that I always give credit where it is due. I had to write WAY TOO MANY research papers with being in the medical, research and academic fields, citing your sources and references APA style is a requirement. 

On a professional level, it shows where you done your research and credits the information to the proper people. On a personal level, it is about integrity. When nobody was doing anything to M30s back then, there were a few that put in the time and effort to verify what works and what doesn’t. While that information is common knowledge, it took someone dedicated to figure it out and share it. Nowadays, unverified information, misinformation along with good information spreads like wildfire with people who don’t research the topic/subject.

In January 2018, Ryan S. of Japanese Nostalgic Car did an article for the series: Consider the Following:. It involved the Infiniti M30! The series explores various cars with some research into the featured car so others would consider it.

The article is found here: Consider the following: Infiniti M30.

I was texted, emailed and messaged about the references to F31club!

Even though I current run F31club’s website, I always feel it is appropriate to included the original core group that help build F31club’s foundation. Since the inception of F31club, many people who have had M30s and did something or got coverage, would always give credit to F31club.

I always mention Naoki because he was the one who really brought awareness to F31club by being on MTV’s FAST Inc, CSI: Miami and in the short lived magazine, Drift and RWD sports.

Another person known back then that helped F31club (mentioned as a reference) and brought M30s to another level was Koji. Project Car Magazine’s “Project Leopard” with tech and parts list really helped usher people to have an imagination with the M30.


Update 2020 – I currently own and rebuilding this car.


As things have progressed outside of dedicated places such as websites and forums and onto platforms that are saturated with too many things in one place (social media), we often find people that just pass on information without second thought or even giving credit.

The JNC article was great in a sense that Ryan S. took the time to read a lot of information that I have brought out from the forums to be more for informational posts. One of them is the Nismo Leopard. People don’t know how much translation, research and time into seeking information on a rarer version of a 80s car that not even the current leopard community has seen. So I was delighted to see that there was credit to F31club because I don’t think anyone else has transcended the info from 2005, talked to the Japanese leopard owners and even have some of the links to pages that covered it.

Ryan talked about  the most active forum being on NICOclub, which is true. NICOclub offered to buy F31club back in the days and Jacy declined. The reason was that the M30 has always been a small community and at the time many of the people were on F31club. Additionally, everyone on F31club felt we invested the time, effort R&D and camaraderie within theF31club forums. The drama on F31club was always kept very low and most of the time it was about us figuring out the M30. Nicoclub’s M30 section is often sporadic and usually the J30 information overshadows that of M30 posts on there. With our forums, everything was dedicated to the M30 and leopard.

F31club / Infiniti M30 forums


This car has always been in the shadows of other cars and has always been considered inferior (in some cases it is) to Skylines, 240sx (S13/S14), 200sx (s12), and 300zx (z31s) as well as other cars of that era. People can never enjoy the M30 as it is. It always has to be modified. Because of that, I feel the M30 (not leopard) never gets its proper dues. 

With that said, I am glad to also be part of that group that can enjoy the M30 in stock form. My enjoyment for this car is partial based of the experiences it has given me and the friends I have made through this. The other part is because the car is obscure enough that the car isn’t everywhere.

I am glad see F31club get credit because many people don’t do it nowadays. The credit isn’t for me personally, but for the ones that help build F31club when there was nothing for this car.


Thanks JNC, Ryan and Ben.