Another F31 rarity – Inoue-san’s Leopard

Earlier this year, I met with Ishii-san in Kyoto. He invited Inoue-san to join us. Inoue-san had an Osaka F31 meeting a few nights prior.

We went around Kyoto enjoying the day and having fun. Ishii-san said that Inoue-san’s Kouki Leopard is a rare version.

I was intrigued.

Zenki Leopards were made from 1986-1988 (Showa era)

Kouki Leopards were made in 1989-1992 (Heisei era)

*My basic understanding

What makes Inoue-san’s F31 rare is that it is a Showa era Kouki Leopard.

During the transitions of the era (from what I understand) it was a week between Showa and Heisei.

During that week, Ishii-san said a 100 leopards were made.. Inoue-san’s car is one of them.

These little details to me is amazing.