Impromptu Junkyard hit up

It happens way to often to me. I seem to never be prepared. I went on my usual Sunday routine. I take the wife and kids out, do some shopping at the farmer’s market, then find a place to hike/walk around and then head home and do other chores.

I decided to check out a vert in a junkyard that is a bit further away than I usually go. The vert was pretty complete, but I didn’t have all the tools with me.. so I just walked around. I saw the plenum cover and looked around.

Again a car over, and underneath… the vert boot!!!

This is the 3rd boot I have saved from the junkyard! This is in way better condition than the 2nd one I have. Also the tabs are in good condition too.

And I was charged $8 for it!!! I just need to come up on a grey one!

I still got quite a few things to do for the Project Leopard before I head to LA, so I’m gonna try and get down there again… but unsure.