Project Leopard – R35 coil packs for RB25det upgrade

Of top… an RB build is a small fortune. While there could be corners cut and cheaper quality parts used… I didn’t go that route. I also don’t have regrets on it.

My friend Denny was telling me about his RB25 powered A31 Cefiro build. He said he got upgraded coil packs. I asked him why. He said it was common for the coil packs to crack and arch out.

When I embarked on this build, I wanted to address as many common issues as possible. The RB25det is also getting fully rebuilt, so I figure getting upgraded coil packs would be a good thing.

1st option was Splitfire coils. Good price and have been a top upgrade for a bit.

That was my initial idea, then I started to do some research and seeing people were using LS coils, Yaris coils, A8 coils…

then I saw wiring and mounting issues…

I then came upon this video. While there is product placement bias, their research and info was what I really enjoyed.



So then I started to think about R35 coils. I just wasn’t into the price.

I started to back and forth in my head about it. There was no rush to buy as of that moment. So I kept thinking about it and I was dead set on Splitfires.

The one day, I said “F___ it”. I went on Wiring Specialties and started to look at the prices. The kit had Supertec bracket and they showed it in blue, but I couldn’t choose it. I contacted them by phone and asked about the brackets being anodized blue (to match everything else) and he said I gotta order the PRP kit.

2 weeks later, it comes in! I am super happy! It looks great.

Additionally, I ordered the 5 point grounding kit as well.

This will all be installed together.