Driftday – Naoki’s – SR20DET M30

While many of us were getting our M30s going and building F31club, one M30 really put it out for f31club. That was Naoki’s M30.

Naoki was an event organizer and had Drift Day drift events in Southern California (Los Angeles). He was also working with Formula D and helping to establish drifting as a licensed motorsport.

With Naoki’s status and connections in the drift world, he had a nice M30 built. He explains in the article below that he was tired of the “normal” drift platforms and he came upon f31club. When he saw some of the guys use S13 parts, he decided to see what else would work. Needless to say, he put together an SR20DET powered M30.

We knew that once this magazine was published, there would be an influx of members on the forums and a bunch of bandwagon guys who were going to do the same thing.

The hype train arrived. Both negative and positive spotlight on the M30.


Naoki’s car was featured on CSI: Miami. The episode was called “High Octane”



With Drifting exploding in the US, The movie, Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, pushed it to even more mainstream status.

MTV produced a show called “Fast Inc“. It was the typical reality car show. Episode 2 was called, “Get my Drift”

Todd needs to find a drift car for Bow Wow to take a ride in. Bow Wow got hooked on them during the filming of “Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift.” And when Tater and Christian search for another drift car for a photo shot for Maxim, things get tense and Tater almost gets fired.

Naoki’s car was part of the shoot. The incident was some guy in an S13 started to do donuts and hit Naoki’s car. This was showed on the show. Here is Naoki’s account:

“I guess I am all over the place… Just a little background on the MTV “incident.” MTV was asking me to come out and help them find drift cars for a TV shoot. I decided to stop by since I had some time but I really wasn’t expecting too much. I brought one of our staff guy and since I didn’t feel like being on TV, I asked him to pretend the M30 was his. I leave the area where they were filming to make some phone calls thinking that they would never drive it. Next thing I know, the staff guys calls me and tells me that they got into an accident.

I wasn’t too concerned since I would have never thought they would be asked to do donuts but when I approached my car, the rear bumper was torn off?!? After that, I started to get a little upset because I thought there was no drifting that day and drifting without proper safety equipment is something I would never promote on TV. Luckily, MTV was nice enough to pay for the damages.”


Driftday events



Falken Boot 2006

Falken Boot 2006

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