WL 2019 Day 4 – Hakone Touring in Leopards – Leg 1

I wanted to break down the Hakone Touring just so people don’t get tired of looking at one post. Since I have context and write about it, I know some people don’t want to read and see pictures.

I woke up and breakfast like everyone else, I got my luggage and packed. Last time I did this, I missed the group photo. This time, I made sure I was in the group photo. There was a quick meeting to talk about the drive and where we were going. I was going to riding with Kuze-san  (thank you brother!!).

There is always a participation gift involved and this time it was these M30 and Leopard Owner’s club towels.


The meeting was about the itinerary and locations that where would be stopping at and taking pictures. Also photographers were going ahead and were setting up at various check points to take pictures of us driving by.



Before we left, it was the opportunity to take pictures of all the cars.


We then started to drive.



The first leg started at the hotel and stopped by Ashinoko Skyline Rest House Lake view… it was kinda breathtaking!!!



This place is a small eatery. Selling local goods and souvenirs. I got the Ice Cream as they were known for.