Day 10 pt 2 – Shunan Rush with Taguchi-san

After Beppu,

I headed to Shunan to meet with Taguchi-san.


When we met up, we decided to eat.


He asked me what time I was gonna go and we looked at the schedules.

He found a train leaving at 8:57pm. I think it was around 6:30pm when he asked,

“Do you want to see my car?”

I said “Yes, let’s do it”.

Taguchi-san, “Maybe we should have went before we ate”. LOL


We drove almost an hour his garage.

But I saw his car.


Then we went to his house, swapped cars (to his kei van) and headed back to Shunan city.

There was a slow car, plus one lane road, plus we are in the mountains…

It was buzzer beater time!!! (無駄にする時間がない)

Taguchi-san = Takumi (Initial D)

It was very close.. I got to the station, said quick goodbye, ran to get my luggage in the storage and rushed to the Shinkansen platform.

I arrived at 20:55 and depart time is 20:57…. very close.


Taguchi-san apologized, but I told him it is a good story to tell in the future!!! I had fun and also spent time with my brother!

Taguchi-san’s post:

Taguchi-san: リミット2時間。

(Limit 2 hours. I visited the garage to rush to the garage by haste, I changed to the Every, and sent it safely).