NW Maxima meet – Renton, WA 2005

When NorthWest Nissans felt like it was splitting (dominated by RWD/240sx crowd) many other Nissan enthusiasts kinda went in other directions, especially the FWD Nissan crowd.

I am a huge fan of Altimas, Maximas, G20s, NX, Pulsars and sentras. Everyone went to their own forums (from what I saw) such as sr20.net, NW Maxima (which later got absorbed by maxima.org), Nissan Forums… etc.

So these guys would hold their own meets and since I was cool with the Maxima crowd, I met with them often. I drove my M30 and people thought it was some kind of Maxima coupe initially. LOL

This was held in Renton, WA, before it was renovated to look super attractive. This was that industrial feel and near Fry’s Electronics.






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