Wandering Leopard Japan 2020

I hadn’t fully plan out everything, but I was ready to do what I gotta do.

The mission: To secure the parts I had in Japan. This included the zenki hood and kaido racer parts.

Friday – Jan 24 – I got in late in Japan, so my ideas of seeing car stuff was shut down. I checked in to my hostel (set near Kanda station) and I went to Asakusa station (Ginza line) and took pictures of Senso-Ji temple, Hozomon gate, Kaminarimon gate and Five story Pagoda of Senso-ji. https://www.f31club.com/ourtravels/senso-ji-asakusa-kannon-temple-and-hozomon-gate-at-night-2020/


Saturday – Jan 25 – I woke up early and went to Ginza area. Checked out Nissan Crossing, Godzilla Park (Shin Godzilla statue), lower part of Chiyoda city and Akihabara before going to Tochigi. In Tochigi, I met with Itabashi-san and Ogawara-san joined us soon. We visited N-Style Customs.

Nissan Crossing – Japan 2020

Visit to N Style Customs – 2020


Sunday – Jan 26 – I was planning on going to Chiba, but Umezawa-san couldn’t meet me. I stayed in Tochigi for the night (Ogawara-san as well). We drove to Vary Valiant fiberglass shop, Kuhl Racing and stopped by Oinuma’s house to meet him.

Visit to Kuhl Racing Tochigi 2020

Visit to Garage Vary Valiant/Jun Racing


Monday – Jan 27 – Yokohama – Checked out Nissan Gallery, the K-Break (SVX store), the to Suenaga-san’s place and later back in Yokohama, I met with Satoshi-san near Yokohama station.

Visit to K Staff 2020

Evening in Yokohama with Satoshi-san


Tuesday – Jan 28 – Nagoya – I met with Sugiyama-san and we had dinner.

Tajimi meet up


Wednesday – Jan 29 – Osaka – I met with Ishii-san and Inoue-san in Kyoto. We checked out Arashiyama Bamboo Grove and Kyoto station.

Kyoto exploring 2020


Thursday – Jan 30 – Osaka/Takamatsu/Fukuoka – Explored more Osaka, Den Den town. I then headed to Takamatsu, met with Miyama – san and Noguchi-san. After dinner, I headed to Fukuoka. Once I got to Fukuoka (after midnight) and checked in, I explored til 2 am.

Meet up in Takamatsu


Friday – Jan 31 – Went around Fukuoka and explored by foot, Ohori park, Tenjin shopping arcade…

Saturday – Feb 1 – Morning exploring, then met with Dustin of eXite Video Magazine. We went to Upgarage and Nissan. Then I left to meet with Mitch (Showa Racing) Misaki-san (Route 202) and Noguchi-san (1104 Racing) at Nijo PA. Misaki-san and Noguchi-san took me to Sasebo and we stayed there til midnight. I missed the last train and so I stayed in Sasebo til Sunday morning.

Running around Fukuoka with Dustin of eXite Video Magazine

Saturday Night Kaido meeting 2020


Sunday – Feb 2 – Sasebo > Fukuoka (via Midori express train, 2hr train ride), then packed up at the hotel in Fukuoka. Fukuoka > Tokyo Station (via Shinkansen, 5hr train ride) and then Shinjuku exploring.

Monday – Feb 3 – Nakano Broadway and Akihabara til 4pm. Shinjuku > Narita airport (N’EX, 1hr train ride). Monday night fly back to America.

Most of my recent trips in Japan have lead to or included some kind of event such as a leopard meeting or a car event with leopard owners (Lake Suwa). This trip didn’t have that. I had to really secure items and let my intentions known to others.

While I did have fun and met with friends again, it was good to see friends again and spend time. Schedule conflicts and timing let me to not meet up with as many people as I would like to.