Kyoto exploring 2020

Anytime I pass by Kansai, I try to see Kyoto. If I can, I want to see a temple or shrine in Kyoto because there are 100s.

My brothers from the last 2 times visiting (2018 and 2019) which usually includes Maeda and Okuni-san, was short this time as the aforementioned were busy. Ishii-san was able to meet with me and also Inoue-san as well.

I didn’t meet Inoue-san formally at the Fujinomiya meeting, this time I was able too. He had recently had a meeting in Osaka and I said I wanted to meet with him and he was glad too. He was nervous because of the language barrier.

When I got to Kyoto station (my favorite station), I explored Escalator mountain and even ran up it that morning.


Soon, Ishii-san arrived and we went to Arashiyama for lunch.


Before going into the Bamboo Grove, Inoue-san met with us. It was the first time we formally met. But I believe he was at the Fujinomiya meeting.

We walked across the Togetsukyo Bridge.



We then went into the Bamboo grove and walked through it. It is very nice place and if you are in Kyoto, you should check it out!


After that, we headed back to Kyoto station and did some Tomica hunting at Bic Camera, Yodobashi and Toys R Us.

We then went to get ramen to eat. I didn’t know that there was a ramen tasting area on the 10th floor of Kyoto Station, which was going up Escalator Mountain.


Kyoto Tower at night is gorgeous! But……


I didn’t know Escalator mountain had an LED show itself!!!!


We get to the top and we go to eat ramen. We choose Hataka ramen and a dry style ramen.


After eating, we went to the other side of the station were my locker was. Thank you for a wonderful day.