Hot Import Nights, San Mateo 2023

From what I understand, this was a return after 3yrs. I was approved and spent the week clean up the car and a few more things. I tried so hard to get a lot of the water spots out.. claybaring all night. LOL.

Anyways, I arrived with my family and I have to say, their lining took almost 2 hours just to get it and set up. Having a quarter tank of gas and waiting in the heat.. I was worried that I’d run out of gas before we moved.

Later we found out there wasn’t as many participants and a lot of people showed up with more than half tanks to enter (that determined if you were showing inside or out). But it also felt a bit unorganized with the line up.


Once we got in, I was set up in the inside hall. Pretty cool and I didn’t expect that.