Wandering Leopard in LA 6/2021 – The meet ups

The LA trip was impromptu. So Friday morning, when it was decided, I posted on IG and messaged guys I knew.

Ozzy messaged me saying him and ——– were going to the junkyard to get parts off a vert… I called Ozzy on the phone. I mentioned the rear bumper reinforcement is what I wanted and tell me the cost and I’ll paypal.

So ********* got it for me.

Saturday morning at the SR20store, I met with Ozzy. He stopped by for a few and hung out. It was a good time.

Later in the evening, I met with my buddy Rholfi. He recently moved back from Japan after living there for 20+yrs. We had a couple of dinners in Shinjuku on a few of my last trips.

This was from 2018:


We had some pastrami sandwiches near Santa Monica and caught up!


Roger V, Hung P and Edrik C. said they could meet up later in the evening. We set it at 10pm. Hung also brought my Enkei RP01 and ceramic coated Exhaust manifold parts.

But we met up at the SR20store’s complex parking. We waited for Edrik as he was running behind.. but once he arrived, we decided to grab some shots.

I haven’t been getting group shots lately because I’ve been so focused on the work that needed to be done.

But this was epic. I said we haven’t  taken a group shot together and so we lined up the M30s and did a group shot.

This shot is also significant because every time I come down to LA to work on Project Leopard or anything related to it, these guys always come through and help. I owe them a lot!