Wandering Leopard in LA 6/2021 – RB25det update

A few months I go I was in LA for a very short trip.  This trip was equally short, but I had a drop off the Tomei Poncams and Fuel pressure regulator as well as pick up my Enkei RP01 and the ceramic coated exhaust manifold parts from Hung.

Motor still was in the same state. Marco said I needed to get some bolts and a new harmonic dampener. Which I wanted to originally, but convinced myself that I don’t really need it unless it was mentioned.

So Marco showed me what bolts I needed. The upper timing cover backing plate and lower timing plate mounting bolts. I obviously don’t know much of this specifics, so I asked the RB Technical page on FB.

I was sent links to diagrams, which was the main thing.



So here was the picture I used. I then found a bolt package on Concept Z Performance.

Marco said to send him the links and I did.

I don’t think I need the coil pack cover bolts as I am running the R35 coil packs with a blue anodized, but its a package deal.. so it’s all good.

Concept Z Performance bolt set.


As I mentioned earlier, I was thinking of getting a Damper. During the time of looking, I saw that Ross Performance had one.. but I think shipping was kind of tricky due to the pandemic being in full swing. ATI doesn’t have an official Damper for the RB25det, but Eric’s Performance Parts modifies RB26dett dampener to work with the RB25. But they are not always in stock.

Luckily, when I got home from LA, checked for it and ordered one!


This all for now.