Impromptu Trip to LA for July 4th weekend 7/2021

A day before the July 4th weekend, I wanted to get out of the bay area. So my wife booked a place for our family and we headed down.

I was motivated because the ATI Damper and the fasteners I got from Zspec and Z1 motorsports had came in and I wanted to put those on the engine. I messaged everyone that I would be at the SR20 store Saturday morning.

While Ozzy, Joseph and Hung were busy, Roger and Edrik came out. Typical talked for a few hours. That afternoon, I took my family to Malibu for a couple beaches.

Sunday was a trip to Runyon Canyon and to San Diego. Later that evening I met with my friend Rholfi again.

It was a good trip and while I didn’t get as far as I wanted on the motor, I keep finding stuff I need to do.