Update on Timing cover back plate – ordered more fasteners

I arrived to the SR20 store and talked to Marco that morning. I wanted to work on the RB25det since I had the fasteners I ordered from both Zspec and Z1 Motorsports. Awhile back Marco noticed the Cam cover backing plate wasn’t with the motor, so he ordered one.

We opened that box and pulled it out.


When Marco lined it up, he noticed it was off. While everything said it was for an RB25det, we found out this is for the RB25det Neo. Luckily, Marco had a spare backing plate.


Checked to see if it was the proper one and once verified, I cleaned it up a bit. I then took out the fasteners and laid them out and asked Marco the which goes where. He had an RB26 to use as a guide. He noticed that the fasteners I got were proper, but only for the front. He also noticed that the rubber inserts didn’t have the metal inserts.

I needed 4 and said maybe we can find something at the Ace hardware up the street. While I couldn’t find the exact pieces, I did find a threaded insert. We just had to cut the part that started to thread.


Marco cut one up and tried it on the engine. He wasn’t satisfied with it and said we would need to order it. So he looked online and found what we needed. It was all the way in Australia, but Kudos Motorsports offered the kit. ( I really need to get the parts numbers for reference)

  • 01 x Genuine Nissan bolt
  • 01 x Genuine Nissan washer
  • 01 x Genuine Nissan grommet
  • 03 x Genuine Nissan bolt
  • 03 x Genuine Nissan washer
  • 03 x Genuine Nissan grommet

So much for progress LOL. I immediately ordered these and as this posting (7/6/21) it has been sent to the SR20 store.

I noticed the water pump didn’t have hardware.. so I decided to order the Nubis kit as well.


I’m almost at the level of ordering all the hardware at this point.