Missing box from Japan continued

Update – it’s been found!!! Paid an extra $100


There are a few things that really cross the line for me. If I owe someone money, I will pay up. No hesitation. If I pay for a service, I expect it to be completed diligently.

Another is communication. I ABSOLUTELY HATE.. HATE being ignored. It’s why I don’t do it personally (unless I feel a person is wasting my time or some other big reason).

Another crossed line, if I did my part (whether its paying or getting parts for you) I expect the other person or business to uphold their part. And that part doesn’t always have to be about money. It’s about integrity. I say this because it’s happening me on with friends on a level that I feel almost disrespected (sorry I’m venting).

Below are my emails with Wolfreign and Stacked.

Please note that I paid Wolfreign when I got the request.

(my father passed away in October 2020), but throughout, I never got an update via email.



I had a box from Itabashi-san that was added in with the Diana kit last year.

Missing parts from Japan, JDL, Stacked Inc, and Wolfreign motors.


Now, the problem is… while I made sure EVERYTHING WAS COVERED. For some reason and somewhere down the line, this box was removed from the Diana Kit box.

I asked Wolfreign Motors about it:


So naturally, I contacted Stacked Export:

Stacked said they can go to JDL (1.5hrs away) but will charge and that is fine by me too. But if they find nothing? Where would the specific F31 parts go? I’ve been so annoyed by the process because I’ve paid and now I’ve got to pay more.

Stacked Export has actually been really great and explained a lot. 


I hate going through bullshit I didn’t ask for.