Wandering Leopard In Vancouver BC 2021 – Pre plan

After a horrible 2020 world wide shutdown with Covid19 pandemic… 2yrs have passed since I’ve seen my Vert. It’s been sitting at my brother in law’s place.. waiting.

When I read that August 9th is planned to open the US/Canadian borders for leisure travel, I got excited.

So I’ve planned everything and booked a flight.. My vert does need some clean up and I hope by the time I get there, the planned maint. has been done (my brother in law said he knows a mechanic that can do the tune up).

I do plan to drive that car around, top down around Vancouver BC. Not only that, I’m gonna spend time working on that door, trying to straighten it out.

I’m so happy. But I’m limited time there (my kids are gonna stay there for 3 weeks). I’m only there for 3 days.

It will be enough time to take pictures and go cruising and take pictures.

I’ll return before the end of August and drive the car back to WA!!! There I can start off the bad door and replace it!