WL Day 3 pt 2 – Hakone arrival

I was going to Hakone, but a different route as Mt Hakone erupted, there was closure of some of the roads.

Kuze-san said he would pick me up at Gora station.

I took the Shinkansen from Nagoya station to Odawara station
At Odawara station, I had get on Odakyu’s Hakone Tozan line.
Hakone Tozan line

Once on, it was about a 20 minute ride to Hakone-Yumoto station, in which we get on another train for Gora station.

If you see the sign, it says that we mus transfer at Hakone-Yumoto station to get to Gora Station

Hakone Freepass… hmm.. Next time!
At Hakone-Yumoto station, there was a welcome sign.

Since everyone was transferring, there was a small line, but nothing too bad.

Sorry for the fingers.
I had to stand as I was one of the last people to get on. But at least my luggage was stored in this small spot.

As we were going up, I didn’t realize that Gora Station was on the mountain side, so there were a lot of switchbacks, meaning, changing direction as we were getting higher.

After going up hill and switching directions, I finally get to Gora station.

I didn’t get on the cable car, but as you an see, it goes straight up hill. 

Kuze-san picked me up and we headed to Forest Hakone hotel, where we were 2 years ago.


People started to arrive. We waited until 3pm to put our stuff in the room. Kuze-san and I would share a room, but we also had another roommate. Suzuki-san. I saw him last time, but I did not talk to him. This time it happened.



Black two tone Leopard was nice, but really all of them were cool!



Blue Zenki line up


Misc color line up.



After people got settled in, Mr. Kanazawa called the meeting in which new owners and other’s share their experience and connecting to Car Shop Friend.



Shortly after the meeting, there was dinner served.


I’ve been so tired since I’ve been exploring and my feet were sore (I walk a lot in Japan). This 100yen foot massager was the best… the pressure was perfect.


Traditional Onsen, I definitely enjoyed this. Hakone is known for mountainous hotsprings (Mt Fuji and Mt. Hakone nearby).

If you didn’t know, it is open bath and you have to clean yourself before getting in.