Project Leopard has arrived to LA

After 16 months in Arizona, Project Leopard has returned.

The previous 2 weekends attempts to bring the car back and it didn’t happen. This weekend it happened.

Unfortunately, the paint still needs work and Greg had left the aero, hood and others in Arizona. He wanted to pick the car back up again after the engine was installed.

I brought all my Project Leopard items down.


Greg brought the car and said it wasn’t done. He felt there is at least a solid 3 weeks of refining, touch up, cut and buffing.

He wanted to come get the car after the engine was put in (which is another step too).

After rolling in the car in the backyard, Hung mounted the tire as I wanted to know what spacer to get. I want that flush look and this would give us an idea of the size of spacer we need.

After that, we started to put the passenger side door together (Greg had taken the glass and motor out) and we had to figure out how to get it in the door. Afterwards, I would also start putting/connecting the linkage systems on both sides.

Edrik, Jess, Rholfi also came by and hung out while we just kind of started to piece together the car.

I put on the front just to get an visual of how it would look. 1st zenki f31 leopard front end in the US.

Hung and I took turns cleaning out the interior. Cleaning up the floor was needed for before the carpet was going to loosely lay in place. After we put in the carpet, I put in the seats and rear quarter cushion.

Greg and Hung started to work on the driver’s side harness, I started to clean up the trunk.

The trunk was a bit dirty. I cleaned it out and Hung wanted to use a rust inhibiting agent before painting the trunk wheel well areas. After cleaning up and drying, We spray painted the trunk area to cover exposed metal.

After that, I put in the rear trunk carpeting and that was pretty much it.

Hung said he will work on the suspension parts replacement (FLCA) and go through the harness for the engine.

I called Marco and tried to see what can be done about the engine install and get a time frame.

Started to come up with a game plan on what need to be done to the car while here.

Seeing that some of the body needs to worked on, I’ll probably focus on that next time I’m down there. The rocker panel needs to be worked on rather than hidden behind a side skirt.