Wandering Leopard Japan – Day 8 – Mishima Adventure

Day 8 – Mishima Adventure

This was a gonna be a busy day. I was meeting with Sano and Tetsuya Kun. But also my family was coming to Mishima and my wife’s aunt that lives there was also gonna meet up with us.

I got to Mishima station in the morning and stuffed my luggage in a locker. I had about an hour and decided to walk around. Pulled up Google Maps and saw that there were a few things nearby.

Ayutsubo Falls was nearby. I had time to kill, so why not.


I went back to Mishima station and met with my family. They took the taxi to Mishima Skywalk and Sano and Tetsuya – kun picked me up.

We went across the Skywalk and my kids wanted to zipline.. so we did. Thanks for the patients Sano and Tetsuya!

Afterwards we went to Sun to Moon shopping mall. It was busy!! My family went there to meet their aunt. It wasn’t a full on car thing, but it was good to just meet with my guys Sano and Tetsuya!