Wandering Leopard – Project Leopard gutted

This is the 2nd time I would see Project Leopard. It has been exactly 2 months since it arrived at the SR20store.

Between December 22nd and Feb 21st, I’ve been buying parts and paying for what parts Marco has requested.

I was aiming at redoing the interior, so I decided to strip it all out. The interior was tan/brown and I was gonna go grey/black.

My friend Rob Pia arrived with his Acura Legend as I had something for him from Japan.



Roger V. stopped by and helped me take out the interior of Project Leopard. Can’t thank my dude enough!!

We took out all the interior trim, dashboard and even the carpet.


After a few hours of working on Project Leopard, I took my family out to Santa Monica Pier and eventually met with Edrik!

It was his birthday and I stopped by to meet with him.

The next day, I went to back to the SR20store and loaded up the interior. My plan was to take it all up here to the bay area and have it all done. But my wife convinced me to keep the dash and carpet in LA. Marco said he would look around.

My cousin Sid also stopped by and we had lunch. He said he could hook me someone to do wiring and any tuning.

It seems that when I go see the car, it has to be focused on something specific.

While I was suppose to go back to LA to work on Project Leopard, COVID19 and Shelter in place happened.

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