Milestone: The Diana Kit

When we first started F31club, we would search Yahoo Japan for Leopard pictures. At the time, many of us were infatuated with body kits and actually changing the look of the M30.

We also were in between understanding the F31.. was it a drift car or a VIP car?

One of the kits that supported more of the VIP Style was Insurance Group and they made a series called “Diana”.


Club NonSect would always pop up with a Pink Leopard and the Diana Kit. This was modified by Daisuke Shoten.

It has been a dream to want this kit for the last 16yrs. It was the epitome of “F31  body kits” .

In 2016, I went to Japan and met with the Japanese brothers. I was hoping there would Diana kit to see in person at the Leopard meeting. Nothing. I then met with Tanaka-san in Osaka a few days later and I asked soo many questions, that also included Diana kit.

2017 – I went to Japan 3x. Two of those trips were leopard meetings. I also met many leopard owners and visited many garages with personal collections. I seen pieces of Diana kit here and there. Front bumper, wing, sides… all spread out. Everyone I talked to, I asked about Diana kit.

2018-2019 – both trips to Japan were trying to secure parts and traveling around asking bout the Diana kit. I met a guy who had one for Diana pieces for A31 Cefiro, but nothing for the F31.

I had given up hope of finding a complete (or at least I thought was a complete) Diana kit. I still showed interest and put it out there.

In 2019, before I got Project Leopard, I had this idea. I had this idea of having a VIP Leopard and F31 Kaido racer (as Noguchi-san in Nagasaki said I could have the red Kaido racer Leopard parts) together. It was crazy thoughts and how cool it would be to have those 2 styles next to each other.

2020 – Before the COVID19 world shut down, actually right before the outbreaks, I was in Japan. Beginning of February, I was having dinner with Miyama and  Noguchi-san. Noguchi-san then showed me a picture of a Diana kit…complete, on an Leopard!! I told him I wanted to see that car that night! I would forgo going to Fukuoka if I could see that car! I wanted to take a picture of it and with me next to the car (personal milestone).

The owner said he couldn’t meet us. Noguchi-san said the owner might get rid of the kit or sell it, if he can get Ultima bumpers (M30 aka 3.0 Ultima). I said I could get them, but give me time to figure out shipping from US to Japan and then to Shikoku Island.

When I got back from Japan.. I hit up the M30s and got the pieces that was requested.

But the deal fell through because the owner changed his mind. I then considered it a dead deal. I was told he was gonna sell it to someone else. I asked Noguchi-san to keep track so I can contact them and offer up.

Then Noguchi-san said he will buy the kit and I could pay him back. That is a huge trust factor, especially the amount of money.. this wasn’t gonna be a cheap deal.

Then I get the pictures this morning!!


Now this is a complete kit. I didn’t know exactly the whole kit included door molding. The bonus is the fog lights!!! Meant only for the Diana kit.

Rant – I posted these to show the M30 community and then I get some flack because some newer owners wanted to have molds made. I was told I was being selfish.

  • I researched this kit since 2004.
  • I physically looked for this kit on 6 different trips to Japan (3x in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020).
  • I paid for my trips to Japan (I am not a shop or military or sponsored).
  • I’ve traced leads that my friends have mentioned. I did the physical legwork.
  • I’ve spent time/energy/money/stress trying to JUST SEE this kit.
  • I only paid the purchase for this kit… I still have to pay for shipping

No one paid for this kit, nobody has offered to pay for my trips or to even pay for this website. And I don’t ask anyone to.

If I see someone that has put in the time/effort/money to get something, I wouldn’t even bug him for the part unless he totally offered. I wouldn’t call him selfish for buying stuff or blame him because I couldn’t sacrifice like he did.

I don’t have any intentions of having it reproduced. That takes away from its rarity and elegance. I am also an enthusiast of the car.. I’m not a shop or some sort. I don’t want to take away the significance of this kit. Please go to stancing your car and rocket bunny. 

I try to be a cool person and help out.. but something about how I was projected bugged me.

Rant over.

Conclusion: The Diana kit is something I had lusted for. I would never think I would have an opportunity to own this kit… a truly complete one at that. This is such a huge milestone at a time when there is a lot going on.