Project Leopard – Interior change

The interior had to be changed. Initially, I stripped everything out and took all the trim pieces back with me to the Bay Area. I was going to have a shop get the trim from brown to black or dark grey.

Then I was told of an M30 in Oakland PnP. It was silver and I believe the silver M30s came with only the grey interior…. so I went there and pulled all the pieces out.

I got most of the interior, but I needed to get the carpet. I mentioned it to my friend Max who hits the junkyards as a side hustle.


Then the Shelter in Place happened. So I couldn’t get back to the junkyard (I assumed they were closed due to non-essential business).

Luckily my friend got it for me!


It was super dirty. I also took the headliner and sun visors (both dirty as well) to a detail shop that worked on our van.


After a couple of days, I go to get it the stuff. I wasn’t completely satisfied with the detailing.. It definitely was way better than before and worth the it.. but I decided to put a bit more time into the cleaning and was happier with the outcome.

The rear seats and rear quarter panels need to be redone.


R31 Door cards really make it look nice!

Arm console needs to be changed too:

I will be using a Zenki F31 Leopard.



Conclusion – I was able to save money getting the grey interior instead of having a interior/upholstery shop do it. This also gives me some back up interior.

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