The F31 Kaido Racer build

Let’s get some basics out there! Kaido racer, Shakotan, Kyusha and Grachan styles make up part of this sub-culture.

The term bosozoku has been passed down for years as the name of this sub culture. In fact, this is INCORRECT. Bosozoku = bikes. Just keep it at that.

I had to relearn everything once I started my trips to Japan. I got my education from people there that are into the sub culture.


The F31 Leopard typically isn’t one of the main platforms for building with style.. but it has been used before.

A while back, I was following Noguchi-san on Instagram. I loved his builds, but somehow didn’t put together the pink leopard was his. I’ve seen the pink leopard (and was shown by Makoto-san).

He posted his build and how it currently sits (in a field)

I was very intrigued and when I contacted him, I asked if I went to Nagasaki, could I see the leopard. So my first time going to Nagasaki, we met up and he told me the car was 2hrs away! I was like, I didn’t plan for me to be out that long as I had plans for the evening. So it didn’t happen.

Kyushu Mission part 4 – Nagasaki’s number one Crazy Leopard

In 2019, I returned and asked the same favor, to see the car. I planned accordingly and even stayed the night in Nagasaki. I was not disappointed when I saw it!

WL Day 9 – Nagasaki Stage 2 – Red Kaido Leopard


While we were talking, I asked what the plan was. Noguchi-san said his friend (who owns it) wanted to use it in Okayama one last time (this was an even in November 2019). In 2020, Shakken is due (tax for the car). It won’t pass.

He said they were gonna crush the car. Right then and there, my heart sank. I asked Noguchi-san, “Could I have the parts?” and he said “you can definitely have the parts!”. This triggered all kinds of emotions because I love how these cars are built. The craftsmanship is nothing short of art.

From May 2019 to January 2020, It’s been playing in my mind how I would like to build it. If I got those parts, I would have to get another M30 and follow the guidelines set. I would have a VG motor and make it for revving. In fact, I would love to hook up a motorcycle throttle as they do in Japan.

It would definitely have to be 5spd as that is how they like their builds. Chinchilla interior for sure! Kaido racers are also into small wheels and stretched tires. I would have to emulate the Leopard Kaido racer as much as possible.

Suenaga-san said he would be interested in seeing a build like this in the US and said that he would help me in all aspects.

When I returned in Jan/ Feb 2020, I reiterated I wanted the parts and Noguchi-san said okay.


Until I get those parts, I will get small things that will add to the car.

Usually those are lights.


Definitely having a oil cooler and fender splitters. Noguchi-san used Soarer taillights. When time comes, I’ll possibly try and make a panel as that seems common.  I will probably use some of those star lights to make it look interesting.


Again, this is just ideas until I can truly secure it and have it on the way to the US.

My milestone of seeing an F31 Kaido racer was one thing. To think of really building one is another!

I’m just glad to save the parts, but when I ever show this car, I will NEVER take credit for it. I will pay tribute to Noguchi-san’s build. One promise I did tell Noguchi-san is that if I do show the car, I would pay for his trip to the US. He’s taken cared of me the 3 times I’ve gone to Nagasaki and Sasebo.