SCCA Club Rally and Rallycross events – 2003

Before people jumped on the Subaru rally bandwagon when the WRX came state side, I knew a few 2.5 RS Impreza guys who were heavy in rally and actually participated in the rally cross events. I felt this was more of the locals in Washington state.

There was also a huge rally event below Olympia, Washington (maybe Centraila or Elma area). I couldn’t believe what I was seeing as there were some monsters there! These cars were pure rally cars and not street driven. I remember seeing some of them having a 1 day trip permit. Of course there were some RHD rally cars too.

Anyways, I combined these 2 events because most of the pictures were of cars on the course and with a regular camera, wasn’t as dramatic or dynamic as it would be with SLR with lens.

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