Visit to Petersen Automotive Museum Part 1 Japanese cars

I would see Petersen Automotive Museum would at times have meets there. I also heard they had some very cool cars there. I am Japanese car bias, but I don’t mind checking out other cars for the sake of being a car person.

So when Edrik told me he lived not far from Petersen Automotive Museum, I checked it out on Google Maps and then looked on their website. They were have some historical Japanese feature and of course some other cool Japanese tuned cars.


When we arrived, it was later in the day and I for sure thought they were closing, but we had slightly more than an hour. So we went inside, immediately by the door, some Japanese goodness!




We checked out the shop where I bought some Greenlight BRE Datsuns. But it was cool to see some of these shirts and license products.


With very little time, left, Edrik and I went into the Museum. It was $16 per adult, but with AAA, you get a discount. They said the flow is 3rd floor and head down.

On the 3rd floor, it was cool to see some Hollywood cars, but also some Japanese gold!!!!

Skyline Prince!!!


2 Fast and 2 Furious S2000 driven by Devon Aoki


Mazda Luce


Datsun Roadster


1967 Toyota 2000GT Roadster from James Bond movie “You Only Live Twice”.



1970 Suzuki L120 Jimmy


On the 2nd Floor, this was where many Japanese cars were!!!!

Fiberglass body RX7 concept model!


2003 Honda FCX


Kenmari Skyline with the backstory!


Stephan Papadakis’ AEM drag civic! So OG and early 2000s awesomeness!!!


JDM Wong’s EF civic!!!!


Kaido Cresta… bought and brought over.


Mazda RX-3


Toyota Supra


Formula D Scion tC



Monozukuri exhibit