Night Visit to Fastlane 2

Back in  98 to early 2000s, I would go to South Tacoma Way and hang out at the race shops there. It was the Honda tuning era and I had a 93 civic hatchback… perfect platform as there were so many parts for them.

I hung out at 3 local shops mainly and in this order:

  1. Speedline
  2. Fastlane 2
  3. IMS

Obviously things have changed just even within the last 10yrs. I remember Kyle (owner of Speedline) selling his shop and starting another one not too far away. I don’t remember the reason why. Fastlane 2, I was really cool with a couple of guys there. The owner of IMS (International Motor Sports) was pretty cool and did scale models too.

I actually have photos of their shops here: PNW shops

I decided to take a small drive down South Tacoma Way to see if cars, bubble tea spots and race shops were still there.

Speedline has definitely disappeared, but down the street, I was surprised to see Fastlane 2!!!

I pulled up and had to take pictures! In all honesty, it was Nostalgic!!!



Just to see the aero kits on display (some of those companies don’t even exist anymore!!) was very cool.