Revisit to Fastlane Motorsports 2020

Fastlane 2 was one of the shops I used to go to back in the 2000s. This area (South Tacoma way) had a few known race shops. There was a Fastlane 1, but that is now gone. I never liked that Fastlane because 2 of the guys there had the worst customer service and made many people feel uncomfortable.

Fastlane 2 (which is just now Fastlane) was a good shop because there was someone like Matt. Great person to talk to, cool and not condescending.

I haven’t been to Fastlane for many years (maybe 15yrs) and I thought it was affected like many other race shops during the late 2000s depression. In 2018, I stopped by one night and was happy to see Fastlane was still around.

Night Visit to Fastlane 2


In November of 2020, I was in WA for Thanksgiving and decided to stop by during business hours. I was able to talk to Eric and he gave me the okay to take pictures. The shop is like a time capsule and I am glad. You don’t see shops like this anymore.