8/2020 Newark PnP Vert

I’m always busy, so when I do have time to go check out a car, it is pretty much limited. I got off work and headed to a Vert that was in Newark (California). It was near closing time.

My mission was to get the rear quarter glass and actuators if I could.


Well, my mission was dashed as someone had already went for them!!! That’s actually good as they wouldn’t go to waste.


I was looking over the whole car and it was pretty good condition!!! Walked around and checked the trunk for the vert boot.


I decided to walk the yard (which is HUGE) and see what other cars are there. I typically look for other Nissans for interchangeable parts. I got an analog clock and these Acura 3.5 RL coin compartments.


After thinking much about what I needed to get, I couldn’t get over how clean the rear vert seats were. So I grabbed them, cluster, buttons (trunk, seat, up/down), arm rest/center console.

This particular PnP isn’t my favorite because these people here like to overcharge like parts are new. I can’t stand them.