Happy New Year and horrible updates!

Well, we kind of made it to 2021.. and it hasn’t improved yet.

Since my dad’s tragic passing in October, I’ve went to WA in November (Thanksgiving) and December (Christmas). Took care of paperwork for banks, military and properties. Took care of small projects around the house.

Around Christmas, I fell ill and tested positive for COVID19. My family also got sick and tested positive. As of this writing, I’ve been good and recovered with a residual cough and fatigue.

I was planning to go to Arizona, Los Angeles and Las Vegas to visit friends and family and to work on the Project Leopard. The idea was take a few days off at the end of January 2021. After falling ill, I realized I don’t want to get sick again or worst, get others sick somehow (having the COVID19 gives some immunity). I would feel terrible if I got others sick somehow or even made them work on my project car and they get sick.

Plus LA is getting hit pretty hard right now.

So I contacted everyone and said I will wait until more vaccinations happen and COVID19 numbers go down. Just like everyone else, I hope that is sooner than later. Marco of the SR20store told me he was directly affected with someone he knows passed away within 3 days and many of his connections at other shops have all fallen sick. So asking him to work on my engine or anything else is out of the question right now.

Then my boy Randy of JDMcarboy also got sick and is recovering.

So update

  • All travel, even locally, I will stop. That’s to AZ, LA and LV.
  • Japan, Vancouver BC, France and Hawaii trips are on hold until things get better.


  • Project Leopard in AZ, still needs to be worked on and painted. Slow progress
  • Engine, additional interior parts and wheels in LA.
  • Diana kit is stuck in Japan. Wolfreign Motors said it was affected by COVID19 restrictions (updated in December 2020).
  • EK motors has my R31 door cards and Zenki dash bezel
  • Kaido Racer parts still in Nagasaki


  • Vert is still in Vancouver BC, only had a tune up. Can’t cross the border yet.

That is pretty much how things are standing right now. DAMN.

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