Fate of the Silver M30 with cloth interior and a save

Well, when Gabriel send me the pictures, I was blown away. It was a clean car and I wanted to buy it. But I have to finish my projects first.

Cloth seats revised



A few people have expressed interest in the car, but I never heard who bought it until the facebook post. Jetli bought the car, but on the drive home (Arizona to Beaverton, Oregon), he got in an accident in Northern California.

I’ve been busy on a personal level, so I haven’t been on the facebook group page where he posted these. I’m glad someone did tell him to contact me as he sent me a message.

I pondered it a bit because Williams, CA is kinda far.

I contacted the towing yard and talked to the person in charge. Since I couldn’t get there during regular working hours (I work full time, normal business hours) I tried to do this on an evening that I could go straight there. But it didn’t work out. I thought about the weekend, but I was on call. So I tried to talk to the tow yard about a scheduling.


Note – deadline is December 7th

I couldn’t do it Saturday. Sunday (Dec 6th), I got called in and took care of things. After I get off work, I was thinking of going after hours again, maybe on the weekday so I can spend more time on the car.. but as I look at everything I have going on this week, I might not have that time.

I decided to go that afternoon and I was super nervous about the distance and time. I know that I wouldn’t have enough time to get everything that I wanted to pull.

It also didn’t help I brought my family (more added pressure to keep it short), but it was time I needed to spend with them.

Besides the deadline… I also had to pay the after hours fee ($137.50)

The car was rough.. I mean.. it looks exactly like Jetli’s pictures.

The car was definitely rough with the whole front pushed into the car. The dash was pushed back and when I was taking out the driver’s side seat, you can tell the frame was tweaked hard. Driver side door didn’t open, but with a bit of prying, I was able to get it open.


I pulled the interior and a few bits that I could while keeping the time frame of 1.5hrs to get what I needed (as it took 3hrs round trip). I wish I had more time to pull all the additional stuff.

Glass was everywhere too. Got a few cuts even with trying to be careful.



But the end result that made it worthwhile… The cloth interior. I did grab a few bits and pieces too.. but would have been great to have 2 more hours on the car to get all kinds of stuff of it. If the rear wasn’t against the truck behind it, I would have tried to get the bumper too.

December 7th is the deadline that it is gonna get “crushed”. I don’t know if they are gonna put this in the junkyard or what, but it was about saving the cloth seats.