Cloth seats revised

Sometimes I run across something that kind of blows me away and makes me revise what I know. Which is great.

With M30s, there are so many questions that we will probably NEVER get answers too. While most of it is irrelevant, I love learning and trying to understand…

Gabriel messaged me asking a few questions and sent pictures of his car (Thanks for that!).

Well kept, Silver M30 with 58k.


He then sent me some pictures of the interior.

I was taken back by these pictures.

Since 2004, I’ve met with various M30 owners and went to many junkyards to get M30 parts. I base a lot of my knowledge on my personal experiences with M30s and what materials that have put out M30 information (magazines, brochures and newspaper clips).

Again, since we are far from the early 90s, info gets lost and how many m30s have been destroyed since then? Anytime something new or interesting pops up on my radar, I like research it a bit or even come up with theories.

In the past, there have been 2 posts on FB about cloth seats.


Robert found one for sale in Florida.



And probably the one that was most interesting is from Donovan. 

Here’s the thing. Gabriel lives in the same state as Donovan. I asked Gabriel about it and he said, “As far as I know, this car is all original. I think the original owner ordered the car with cloth. Im in Arizona, so not uncommon back then for people to prefer cloth seats considering how hot it gets here. Window were never tinted either….as you can see from the sun fade on the cloth in the wayback.

So let me point this out. When Gabriel sent me those pictures, I noticed the door cards. Anyone can get seats redone. But what I saw with Gabriel’s was interesting as it has the same stitching as a Nissan Leopard.


Gabriel’s M30


Nissan Leopard

That to me points this to be OEM. Which has shaken my foundation! LOL. No really, it’s interesting and even something to look out for.