Project Leopard – Dashboard, glove box and rear seats

Project Leopard has been taken apart and at the current level, multiple things are happening.

While the car is in Arizona getting painted.

RB25det is almost complete and being assembled by Marco of the SR20 Store (original builder too).

While all that was going on, Roger V and I took out the interior of the Project Leopard in February.

Marcos was I guy I contacted about the dashboard. Originally, I was suppose to go back down and meet with him… then the Shelter In Place happened. He did go and take pictures of the dashboard and I said when time comes, I’ll meet him.

In May, that is what happened. I met him  and gave him back seats, glove box and dashboard. I told him to take his time as the car is still being worked on and in the next state over.

He hit me with the these pictures!!!



In hindsight, I should have given him a few more pieces.. but he’s fine with doing them when we meet up again!

Well.. that part of the interior is almost done.

  • R31 Door cards need to come over
  • Zenki gauge bezel needs to come over
  • Customize the Zenki and M30 bezel for the digital gauge cluster
  • Zenki arm rest
  • figure out the trim, maybe marble hydrodip?
  • Dash vents – black with silver flake or sparkles?

Gonna be interesting!