Visit to Art Planning Yuuma – September 2017

I have always wanted to see a Dekotora truck, but I have not been able to catch a glimpse of them. One of my friends told me that there is a shop near Mizuno Works. I figure after I get done with Mizuno Works, I’ll just walk right over there.

Mizuno-san offered to take me back to Yoshikawa station, but I mentioned I wanted to see Dekotora truck and he said that is his friend, so he took me there. Upon arrival, I saw one that was being worked in their shop. Kobayashi-san came out and introduced himself and gave me a business card. I asked questions and he said it was okay to check out the truck.

The truck was insane to see in person. I mean this isn’t as wild as some I have seen in the magazines, but just looking at the craftsmanship… pretty impressive. I asked about the bumper and how long it takes to make, he said about 3 months.

The truck had really nice interior.. I mean they had a chandelier in there!

Again, I had to thank Mizuno-san for taking me there and Kobayashi-san for letting me check things out.